Our team specializes in redesigning concepts and equipment for the purpose of achieving optimal performance and energy efficiency, without compromising the objectives of the client.
KC Engineering & Industry represents and works with the most prestigious international manufacturers providing a smooth and efficient procurement process to ensure that the items and products supplied to our clients are most competitive and as per the agreed terms and conditions.
Our Contracting Division executes turnkey electrical projects in the following sectors:
  • Low Voltage
  • Medium Voltage
  • High Voltage 
  • Low Current Systems.
Our engineers, along with our technicians, ensure that the installation phase is professionally planned and completed on time and up to the highest standards of safety and reliability. Testing and commissioning are then provided to guarantee proper operation of the whole system.

Our Panel Building Division assembles the following: 

  • Main DB & SMDB
  • MCC
  • ATS and MTS
  • Feeder Pillars
  • Synchro Panel
  • Capacitor Banks
  • Totalizing
  • PLC’s and KNX Panels, etc…
Our engineers provide expertise in integrating several systems in order to provide energy efficient solutions for the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. Some of the fields that we tackle are, but not limited to: Telecom, IT, CCTV, KNX, PLC, SCADA...
Our maintenance and service agreements are shaped to meet the customer’s demand by ensuring no failure and maximum reliability.